The future of data driven talent acquisition

Adway is a smart recruitment marketing platform that will streamline your candidate inflow and take your employer brand to new levels.

Recruitment marketing powered by smart technology

The people behind Adway have a long experience of working with marketing, recruitment and cloud software. By bringing together the best things from those worlds we can provide you with the future’s talent acquisition solution – bundled into a complete platform. With smart and integrated technologies, we will help you discover and attract both passive and active candidates as well as strengthen your employer brand. We´re glad that you found us. Let´s put our platform to work and find the best talent in your industry.

  • Talent marketing

    Grow your candidate pool with Adway

    We know how to find your dream candidates on social media – whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

    On an increasingly competitive candidate market our powerful and effective job ads will reach the exact candidates you would want to apply. Our self-learning platform ensures that your candidate pool gets larger and better over time. With us, you can attract and engage with your dream candidates in new ways and get results you have not seen before.

  • Stand out to your candidates

    Top candidates will not apply to your company just because you have an open position, they will apply because they believe in you. Whether you have a complete employer value proposition or not, we will help position you as the obvious employer in your field.

    By using smart technology, we will nurture your candidate pool over time – giving you more qualitative applications, more candidates who accept your proposals, and a lower turnover on your existing staff.

    Talent marketingTalent marketing
  • Talent marketing

    Strategic Consultation

    We are experts in recruitment marketing, digital talent acquisition and employer branding – and in tying it all together.

    If you need to develop your EVP, form strategies for social media, improve your digital talent acquisition, or setting up a structure for data-driven decision making, we are here to help.

Easy access topowerful tools

Recruiting has become a digital experience where candidates expect convenience and mobile accessibility. We let savvy recruiters access new technologies that leverage all their recruitment efforts.

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and customized ads

Adway’s platform automatically distributes powerful job ads through social media. Lead with your employer brand and attract the next generation through the art of marketing.

Increased conversion rates

With cutting-edge technology and smart algorithms, we can match your best job opportunities with you dream talents in a unique way. Increase the number of applicants to your company.

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Insightful data

Data is the key resource for making better and more profitable decisions. The users of the Adway platform are liberated from the guessing game and are unleashed into the world of data. It’s time to take data-driven decisions.

The power of combination

Make sure that candidates don’t forget about you. Bring your Employer Branding to candidates who have showed their interest in you and your available positions. We let you combine your job ads with your Employer Branding.